Dehydrated Onion – A New Way Of Using Onions

When we talk of Indian cuisine, onion is one of the most important ingredients in a preparation of a curry. So how do you start using an onion? You must be thinking what a weird question it is as everybody peals the onions chops and uses it; however there is another way of using an onion that is a dehydrated onion.

Yes it might sound like Latin, but you would be amazed to know that dehydrated onions are very commonly used in preparation of food all over the world and commercial business such as restaurants, takeaways and catering business are widely making use of dehydrated onions.

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Why The September Month Makes Onion Expensive? How Dehydrated Onion Exporters Solve The Issue?

dehydrated-pink-onion-chopped-1295915Vegetable stockers and shopkeepers may sing “wake me up, when September ends” song as this is the month when onion prices start rising. But this is the time when dehydrated onion exporters become active and promote their dried range of onions products in the market.

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How To Test The Dryness Of Dehydrated Foods?

imagesDehydrating is simplest way to preserve foods. It is relatively a cheap process to stock excess foods to prevent them from spoilage. Even if you have harvested from your home garden, you can use this process to turn the food into dehydrated product. Dehydrated foods are best for use in off-season. There are many seasonal crops that you can dehydrate and preserve for future for longer time. But do you how to do it? Do you know how much moisture should be present in the food you want to dehydrate? Do you know the perfect time when it is done?

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Processes For Dehydration Of Vegetables – How It Is Done?

Bagora-DehydratedDehydrated vegetables are the food items from which water is consumed out. It is tough to store fresh vegetable for a long time so we dehydrate them with the help of ovens. Dehydrated vegetable can be secured for a long period.

Moisture level of vegetable is decreases by 2% to 3%. They are also known as pliable dehydrated vegetables. Storage life of such dried vegetables is increased by few months to year.

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Recipe For Dehydrated Garlic Powder

Garlic-PowderDehydrated foods are those food articles which are processed under the expert supervision by controlling the moisture level of the processed vegetable and fruits. Their powder forms are also considered important for the different food articles.

Dehydrated garlic powder is also one of such vegetable food powders. This is prepared on a large scale. Lots of manufacturers, dealers, traders and exporters are there to prepare garlic powder and other vegetable powder for various kinds of foods.

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Significance Of Dehydrated Onion Exporting Business

Dehydrated onion manufacturing and exporting business is making revolutionary changes in the food sector. Though the process of dehydration involves high energy consumption, yet fruits and veggies are converted into value added products using natural and manual resources and options respectively. Most Dehydrated Onion Exporters and manufacturers use solar energy and sometimes processing plants to dry the fruits and vegetable without losing its natural aroma and taste. Dehydrated range of products has potential consumers in the domestic and overseas market.

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Will Dehydrated Onion Exporters Help In Stabilizing Onion Price?

At a time when increasing onion prices are making consumers crying, Dehydrated Onion Exporters came up like a savior in such a scenario. As per the market research (done by dried onion manufacturers), it is assumed that if people start using dehydrated onions in domestic markets, it could help in stabilizing onion price fluctuations.

The study claims that India makes 25000 tonnes gross production for onions due to heavy consumption. The dehydrated onion market is not having many consumers due to lack of awareness- people don’t use dried products as they are not marketed at vast level.

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