Dehydrated Onion Powder – For Completing A Food

We are living a fast paced life when we do not have time to even eat our meals at correct times. For the same reason, people prefer to have instant foods that reduce the time for cooking by a great deal and yet keep the taste intact. Few people prefer to have frozen foods or dehydrated foods like Dehydrated Onion Powder and other vegetables that can be suitably used for the necessary food items easily.

dehydrated onion powder

dehydrated onion Products

How Dehydrated Foods Are Good?

When vegetables are dehydrated, it is made sure that their nutritional value is not diminished nor do they lose taste. There are different types of dehydrated products like:

  • Dehydrated Onion kibbled
  • Dehydrated onion chopped
  • Dehydrated onion minced
  • Dehydrated onion powder
  • Dehydrated onion granules
  • Dehydrated garlic powder among others

Since, the process of dehydration of onions and garlic are done very scientifically, the natural moisture from the foods are squeezed out and not the nutrition.

Uses Of Dehydrated Onion Powder:

Dehydrated onion powder or granules are ideal for recipes that would require the powder for its strong aroma and would need onions. It is imperative that you use this when making a mixture in a blender or grinder. It can be used for seasoning or for making rich gravy along with tomato puree.

The limits to use onion powder are unbelievable and so the demand for this product is also growing. People believe that the best use is that it has very long shelf life of around 10 to 15 years, which unlike the fresh onion is a benefit indeed. Similarly, it takes less space and can be taken for a tour or a camp easily. Since the process of dehydrating is very scientific, the onions could be used for tartar sauce. The water inside the sauce would be enough to hydrate the onions and give freshness to the sauce. If you do not like cutting fresh onions and hate the tears in your eyes, then this onion powder is suitable for you. Whether you want to use it for seasoning as a salad dressing or with chili flakes on your pizza, this powder is just right for you.

A plain tomato soup would be getting more of a tangy taste; thanks to this powder which can be added without hydrating it.

A meal can be considered complete only if the food has all the right ingredients in it and of course with a sprinkle of dehydrated onion powder in it.


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