Where To Use Dehydrated Onion Powder Conveniently?

Well, onions are quite popular as an ingredient in cooking various types of dishes like Indian, Thai or Mexican. With the increasing need to reduce cooking time due to fast paced lifestyle and for more life shelf, dehydrated onion powder is now used popularly in many recipes. You can easily get this powder from nearby supermarket. Some people prefer to prepare these at home, but the reasonable pricing of these in the market is tempting enough to not to indulge in any unnecessary labor in the kitchen.

Indian manufacturers like Bagora Dehydrates are manufacturing this dehydrated onion powder and have found already a vast clientele in the domestic as well as in the overseas market. Dehydrated onion is available in many other forms too like sliced, minced, granulated, chopped etc.


One can use dehydrated onion powder in a large number of recipes in a convenient manner, some of the applications are mentioned below.

  • Meat rubs – Rubs are mainly used to compliment the flavor of a cooked meat and should be rubbed during the preparation stage itself. Using dehydrated onion powder along with other ingredients for the mix like salt, paprika, garlic powder, cumin and black pepper enhance the overall flavor. Since, dehydrated onion powder can be readily available without any need to chop or slice an onion; this proves handy in making meat rubs in a short time span.
  • Cocktails – Some of the popular cocktails like Bloody Mary are prepared from vegetable juice and many other ingredients like Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, vodka, etc. A small tint of dehydrated onion powder added in the seasoning of these cocktails brings out the desired flavor.
  • Salad – Salads always need dressings be it of any type, dehydrated onion powder along with tomatoes, lemon juice, honey, olive oil, paprika, etc. can be used in the right quantity to increase the flavor of the same.

Apart from these, dehydrated onion powder can be used in preparation of spice mixes also. These can be used in many other recipes by rehydrating in a bowl of warm water before usage. This is pretty easy to do and lessens your time that you have to spend otherwise to peel and then chopping the onions. However, in some recipes where onion slices or chopped pieces should be visible, you can instead opt for dehydrated onion chopped or dehydrated onion granules.

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