Dehydrated Onion Packaged Goodness For You

There are times when all that takes a dish or a curry to become the talk of the town is just a vegetable that is simply fried and sprinkled as a seasoning. The art of cooking today is no longer restricted to the tried and tested method, as the world is now ready to experiment on dishes and the culinary buds of every foodie. Keeping this current fad, in mind, dehydrated onion and dehydrated spice manufacturers are now looking for ways to ensure that you get your favorite dish tried and tested as and when you like.


What are dehydrated onions used for?

Dehydration is a process of drying up vegetables or spices and making them kibbled or minced, so that they last for a long time apart from the general shelf life. This means that you can buy vegetables that are properly dehydrated like dehydrated onion & dehydrated garlic and use them for a long time as you might want to use it for another dish later. Industries like Bagora Dehydrates, work with the most modern technology to dry up farm fresh vegetables and their instruments and the entire process is done after giving much thought to retaining the nutritional value that is existing in a vegetable or spice.

The process of dehydrating foods:

For making dehydrated onion, the company would normally take only the premium quality vegetables and not the over ripe or damaged ones.

If sliced, diced, or chopped, then also it is ensured that the slices and pieces come out in similar dimensions and sizes so that the users who love to have their foods with precision would be able to have it just the way they want. Where thick sliced vegetables are normally blanched in salt water for making them soft, the same is not required for dehydrating onions. The process by Bagora Dehydrates is very time efficient and therefore, in a single setting, a great quantity of onions can be dehydrated.

The onions could be kibbled, minced, chopped and they are sold in clean packages so that one can find them off the racks in stores. However, if one needs the dehydrated onion in flakes or granular forms then also one can find it. You can use these as seasonings on pizzas or pastas or adding a little bit of water can make them soft so that you can mash it up and use it instead of fresh onions while stuffing kebabs or cutlets.

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