Will Dehydrated Onion Exporters Help In Stabilizing Onion Price?

At a time when increasing onion prices are making consumers crying, Dehydrated Onion Exporters came up like a savior in such a scenario. As per the market research (done by dried onion manufacturers), it is assumed that if people start using dehydrated onions in domestic markets, it could help in stabilizing onion price fluctuations.

The study claims that India makes 25000 tonnes gross production for onions due to heavy consumption. The dehydrated onion market is not having many consumers due to lack of awareness- people don’t use dried products as they are not marketed at vast level.

dehydrates onionCan Good Marketing Strategy Help Manufacturers And Exporters Of Dehydrated Products To Flourish Their Business?

A good marketing strategy for any business will work and help flourishing business. When a company produces dried products range for consumers, it initially starts up with small-scale supply and later flourishes with its product’s demand in the market. It is as clear as water- if a consumer likes the product, he will make a next purchase. This is half way done; you need to do marketing for your manufactured dehydrated range.

Presently, people hardly know the use of dehydrated onions, which is ultimately the reason behind fall short of demand of the product. Do you know the use of this product? If no, then read it first:

  • Dehydrated knibbled onions are used to prepare tartar sauce.
  • These are alternative to fresh onions (you can use them in your dishes in place of fresh onion).
  • Dried onions are used for dressing salad.
  • Some people grind them to prepare onion powder and use it in soups, ketchups and curries.

Consumers can use this product for various things and make food tastier than ever. Presently, India is having 75 dehydration units and out of these 65 units located in Gujarat. Study reveals that only 15% of the total dried onion is consumed by domestic people and rest is exported to Europe, Russia, America, and other countries. If the 15% goes up to 50%, the prices of fresh onions can be slashed down in the market. But the thing is people need to understand the usage of dehydrated onions.

It is a dried form of fresh onions that is used for preparing various foods and dishes. You can take it as an ideal alternative to fresh onions and use it for salad dressing, for preparing onion salt or powder and other stuff.

To order your dehydrated products range, you can contact dehydrated onion exporters and dried garlic manufacturers. They can supply loose and bulk quantity to consumers. Some marts and supermarkets are also supplying these product ranges to their consumers. You can look for the same in your local area.

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