Why The September Month Makes Onion Expensive? How Dehydrated Onion Exporters Solve The Issue?

dehydrated-pink-onion-chopped-1295915Vegetable stockers and shopkeepers may sing “wake me up, when September ends” song as this is the month when onion prices start rising. But this is the time when dehydrated onion exporters become active and promote their dried range of onions products in the market.

Dehydrated onions can be a cheaper alternative to fresh onions, but the market of dehydrated onion industry has almost no trade in the domestic market as people hardly know about the existence of these products and manufacturing companies. Moreover, there are limited domestic consumers for these dehydrated ranges of products. Thus, exporters supply their products to overseas clients as the demand of the dehydrated range is more in foreign countries.

dehydrated-red-onions-250x250Do you know? 1 KG of dried onion is equal to 6 KG of fresh onion. This means if fresh onion cost is Rs. 50 / KG, 6 KG of fresh onion will cost Rs 300. But, exporters make the 1 kg dehydrated onion at just Rs. 130 to 150. So, it is cheaper and affordable than fresh onions.

Most of the dehydrated onion – red, white, and pink varieties, produced in India is exported. In numbers, almost 50,000 tonne of dehydrated onion is produced by Indian manufacturers and around 40,000 tonne is exported. The rest of the quantity is supplied to local vendors for native consumers.

Apart from dried onions, suppliers also bring dehydrated ginger, garlic, tomatoes, and more veggies for consumers in overseas market. They are also dealing in crispy fried onions range at international level. The demand of crispy onions is high in foreign countries. They are used in preparing burgers, biryanis, and other relishing treats.

The September month is the apt time when exporters start retrieving queries for their products. However, it’s not like consumers can only contact them in this month. They provide their products across the world in all seasons.

To avail the best dried range of onions and other food products, you can anytime write to Bagora, leading dehydrated onion exporters, and get suitable deals.

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