Dehydrated Onion – A New Way Of Using Onions

When we talk of Indian cuisine, onion is one of the most important ingredients in a preparation of a curry. So how do you start using an onion? You must be thinking what a weird question it is as everybody peals the onions chops and uses it; however there is another way of using an onion that is a dehydrated onion.

Yes it might sound like Latin, but you would be amazed to know that dehydrated onions are very commonly used in preparation of food all over the world and commercial business such as restaurants, takeaways and catering business are widely making use of dehydrated onions.

dehydrated onions

Fast food joints like Mc Donald’s and KFC widely makes use of dehydrated onions in their patties. Yes it’s more common in west as they lack fresh ingredients and the weather is not compatible to keep them fresh for longer periods of time. This is where dehydrated onions come into play.

If you are fond of instant noodles then you must have seen small pieces of dried vegetables in their seasoning, this consist of dehydrated vegetable such as carrot, tomatoes and onions, the best part about dehydrated ingredients is that once they are cooked they soak up the moisture and look and taste exactly like fresh ingredients.

Benefits Of Dehydrated Onions

  • Easy to store – The biggest advantage of dehydrated onions is that they are very easy to store as, they can be packed in a packet or a jar. As regards fresh onions they are very space consuming and often get spoilt and produces a foul smell if not used in a stipulated period of time
  • Easy to use – You no more of to shed out tears while you are preparing your favourite biryani as you can simply grab a hand full of dehydrated onion from a packet and use it instantly without the need of peeling, chopping sorting etc.
  • Works out to be cheaper – You might feel that a packet of onions is double the price of 1 kg of onion however, dehydrated onions save a lot of space and last a very long time, thus in the long run they prove to be very cost effective
  • Instant ingredient – Dehydrated onions prove to be an instant ingredient which does not require any preparation, such as marinade, cutting chopping and frying. All you have to do is simply use it and it would give you the same flavour as fresh onions.

Because of so many health benefits of onion, dehydrated onions have become major ingredients in fast food joint. The dehydrated onions come in various flavours and packings. Some are suitable for sprinkling on top of soups and some are used to flavour pizzas and pastas just like dried herbs. This not only accentuates the flavour but also has all the qualities of a fresh onion.

Therefore it’s a blessing for people who do not have the time and access to purchase fresh onions. It also helps in saving a lot of money as they can be stored for a very long time without getting bad.


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